Vlaams Belang starts their campaign “Women against Islamisation”

An-Sofie Dewinter, daughter of Belgian MP Filip Dewinter, poses in bikini/burqa for the campaign poster!

Yesterday in the Belgian Parliament the former Miss Belgium Anke Van dermeersch, now MP for Vlaams Belang presented a new initiative “Women against Islamisation”. She is of the opinion that Islam’s discrimination of women is unlawful. Islam marginalises and oppresses women. Women are the first and main victims of the increasing Islamisation of Europe. “Women against Islamisation” intends to build a wall against “women unfriendly Islam” with the slogan “Free or Islamic, dare choose”.

The launch of “Women against Islamisation” takes place in Antwerp on the 6th of March. Women MP’s and women representatives of political parties and organisations from France (Front national), Austria (FPÖ), Germany (Pro-Deutschland), Great-Britain and South Africa will speak and MP  Anke Van dermeersch will present her new book “Not whore, not slave – women and Islam”.

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