Shoe manufacturer Christian Louboutin demands discontinuation ‘Women Against Islamization’ campaign “Freedom or Islam”

Anke Van dermeersch: “Demands Louboutin baffling and unacceptable. Are politicians still allowed to dress the way they want? It seems that not only Islam is intolerant”

‘Women Against Islamization’ has received an official letter from the French shoe manufacturer Christian Louboutin, who protests against the fact that Anke Van dermeersch, Chairwoman of Women Against Islamization, wears Louboutin shoes on the latest campaign poster “Freedom or Islam” (poster attached). Christian Louboutin believes that it is harmful to its brand and image that Anke Van dermeersch wears Louboutin shoes during the campaign. Therefore, Christian Louboutin demands the discontinuation of the “Freedom or Islam” campaign and the destruction of all campaign material at the expense of ‘Women Against Islamization’.

‘Women Against Islamization’ finds the demands of Christian Louboutin baffling and unacceptable. Anke Van dermeersch: “Is a politician still allowed to campaign dressed in designer clothes? Can he still make phone calls using an IPhone or a Blackberry, wear glasses from Armani or Chanel, or (like Kris Peeters does) ride a bike from Eddy Merckx, without being sued and risking a lawsuit?”

A legal judgment on a dress code for politicians would be a surreal precedent. Apart from the absurd argument concerning reputational damage, there is no legal basis for such a dress code. The Benelux trademark law does not apply because ‘Women Against Islamization’ pursues no commercial activities.

‘Women Against Islamization’ recalls that similar lawsuits against the political party Vlaams Belang were never successful. Unless the law court would force us to do so, ‘Women Against Islamization’ will not put an end to the campaign “Freedom or Islam”.

Nancy Verrijke, spokeswoman VTI