PRESS MESSAGE – Ramadan does not belong here: Cities Against Islamization is starting a ‘100% haram’ sticker campaign with a pig as a symbol

Filip Dewinter: “Giving in to Ramadan tradition leads to the Islamization of our culture.”

From June 18th (Thursday) to July 17th (Friday) Ramadan is taking place, the fasting month of Muslims. Between sunrise and sunset, Muslims don’t eat, drink or have sex. The end is celebrated with Eid Ul-fitr (‘sugar party’). Ramadan is an annual period of even more jihad attacks worldwide than usual (see

It is also generally known, especially by the police, that due to a lack of nutrients the short wicks of many young Muslims during Ramadan are even shorter. Muslim districts are also extra flammable. Areas where there are mosques are, with or without Muslim ‘stewards’, places of nuisance.

Persbericht - De ramadan hoort hier niet thuis (bijlage) (SvR)
We remember that during Ramadan there even are cowardly government guidelines ‘not to provoke’ in Muslim neighborhoods, i.e. it’s better for you not to eat or drink there in public. Not to mention the many halal measures taken for the over-represented Muslim detainees in our prisons.

Moreover, there is also the annually recurring phenomenon of employers and schools that (have to) give in to the Ramadan whims of Muslims who underperform or simply not show up. There is also the advocacy of Islam loving multiculturalists to make Muslim holidays official holidays. The city of Hamburg in Germany already decided to officially recognize Muslim holidays.

‘Islamization’ is the evolution when more and more facets of our society or culture are influenced and dominated by the laws and traditions of Islam. In combination with the obsessive media attention for Islamic traditions such as Ramadan, all concessions and capitulations summed up above are leading to what Pim Fortuyn aptly called the ‘Islamization of our culture’ (1997).

Cities against Islamization (STI) is leading the resistance against the Islamization of our culture and will distribute 100 thousand ‘100% haram’ stickers with a pig as a symbol (see Annex) and some 100 posters across Flanders. STI is also announcing more actions concerning the upcoming ritual slaughter.