Petition against islam party

Ladies and gentlemen, OUR political leaders

We, citizens of Belgium Kingdom, free citizens who desire to remain so, signatories to this petition, request the cancellation of the election of two candidates from the list „Islam“: Lhoucine Aït Jeddig from Molenbeek and Redouane Ahrouch from Anderlecht.

The reason for our request is the following: The party that they represent have, in their election platform as well as in their public statements, clearly stated their goal of transforming Belgium into an Islamic state, with the Quran being the only source of law permissible. These facts are inconsistent with the role they are to hold in a democratically elected city council, and diametrically opposed to the oath of loyalty that everyone is required to take when taking office on December 3rd.

Our request is based on Article 17 of the European Human Rights Convention, which stipulates that no person may apply the rights guaranteed by the convention to do away with or limit those rights. The European convention, to which Belgium is a signatory, has effect in our laws. Further, the European Court of Human Rights, in its February 13th 2003 verdict, made it clear that democracy is not compatible with Shariah law.

This is why we citizens, concerned for the future of our children and grandchildren, fearing that Shariah law might be established in our country, do what we consider our duty.

We have learned in history lessons that Belgium is a constitutional democracy, and that you, OUR political leaders, have the obligation to protect our constitution.

We, the electorate, have granted you a mandate by our votes, vesting you with responsibility for matters of national interest, in particular to safeguard the integrity of our law and freedoms.

Thus, we expect from you, our political leaders, that you fulfil this obligation in the manner of a “Good father”. A good father takes care of his children and protects their interests.

On top of our current worries for the future of our kingdom, such as the risk of an economical collapse, the travesty of unemployment, the sacrifice of our savings, please do not add further fears for the future of our children, as our feelings have already been repressed for much too long.

Do not contribute further to our worries!

Ladies and gentlemen, OUR political leaders: Belgians are calm and friendly, but do not misuse this! We are fed up and unhappy. We expect that you use your power and act with courage!

Please take the responsibility!

The ISLAM party and its elected leaders have misused the confidence in our democratic rules, they should not sit in a democratic assembly, and their election should be declared invalid.

Please agree to frustrate the enemies of OUR democratic Belgium, do not risk to stand in the court of your conscience or of the people that you have invited.

Please take responsibility – or admit your inability to handle this crisis, which fundamentally is about the survival of our country, by resigning your positions!

We, the signatories to this petition, stand before you, personally or mentally, and our hearts are with those who have assembled peacefully in front of the city hall, expressing their hope that you have the honour and courage to take back the decision, if you have not done so already.

The signatures of the citizens may feel bitter for you, but we have confidence in your courage.

This petition respectfully requests that a hearing be held on the legality of the platform of the party ”ISLAM”, to ban it if the platform is found to be illegal, as well as to cancel the election of the two candidates from the aforementioned party.

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