More than 500 people at the Anti-Islamization Congress in Cologne on May 9, 2009.

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Speech of Filip Dewinter

Dear friends, first I would like to thank you for being here, and for your courage in taking part today in this Stop Islamisation demonstration.

For a long time I had been convinced that the dictator had been beaten down in Germany in 1945, and that democracy had won.

I was mistaken. In practice, a right-wing dictator has just been swapped for a left-wing dictator.

A National Socialist dictator was replaced by a politically correct, multi-culti dictator.

And the violence, the attempts to silence us, the smears of ‘racism’ and ‘fascism’ against respectable citizens who are opposed to the Islamisation of their town, that is unacceptable to Cologne and to Germany.

Dear friends, multiculturalism is the Islamic Trojan horse, and mass immigration has led to our European identity and civilisation being threatened, and multiculturalism has also led to the loss of our pride in our own cultural identity and uniqueness.

The Islamisation of Europe spreads further every day, yet almost no one dares to protest through fear of the intellectual and psychological terror from the Left.

Friends, Islam is like a cuckoo which lays its eggs in the European nest, and multiculturalism forces us to nurture these Islam-eggs. The eyes of the political elites will only be opened when they are pushed out of the nest.

Yes, mass immigration from the third world threatens our identity and our standard of living.

Yes, Islam wants to dominate all of Europe, and it uses mass immigration as a terrifying weapon

Yes, Islam is incompatible with many aspects of our Western European civilisation, our norms and values.

The multi-culti society in western Europe leads to cultural apartheid, to cultural ghettos where local ayatollahs are in control. In these ghettos the European norms and values are not recognised, and the locals have to suffer most of the ensuing lawlessness. Multi-culti societies are basically conflict-societies, and “multicultural” equates to “multi-conflict” and “multi-criminal”.

Friends, our misplaced tolerance is undermining our own ability to defend ourselves, and makes it impossible for us to protect ourselves against catastrophic foreign influences and domination.

The immigration-tsunami opens the gates of our continent to backwardness, poverty and under-development.

The anti-racists denounce every attempt to hold onto our own cultural identity and cultural uniqueness.

The multi-culti mindset, under the mask of equality and tolerance, is leading to the colonisation of Europe by Islam.

[shout from crowd “We don’t want it!”]

Friends, we find ourselves at a crossroads, either we let this situation continue which will lead to the Islamisation of Europe, to a kind of Eurabia, or we say a radical NO to radical Islam, and we make it clear to the Islamists that their ideology does not belong in Europe.

Our response should be strong, clear and aggressive, and I would like to quote the Austrian Bishop who said :

“Charles Martel forced Islam back at Poitiers in 732 , and in 1683 near Vienna, Islam was again forced out.

“And if it is necessary, then for a third time we should also force Islam back to the place it belongs, namely the far side of the Mediterranean Sea.”

“Friends, it is clear in any case that the Left-wing intellectuals and politicians behave increasingly as collaborators with Islam, and through the multi-culti society and mass immigration they are pushing for Islamic domination over us.

The ideologues of the 1960s have, through decades of leftism and progressivism, developed a “down with us” mentality. In their masochistic desire for self-destruction, they have made sure that any opponents of the huge immigration invasion are seen as racists. Today we see that Leftist so-called intellectuals even prefer to form an alliance with the radical representatives of Islam, rather than to repudiate their multi-culti delusions.

Perhaps, dear friends, we should send the collaborators on a fact-finding trip to Nigeria, to Saudi Arabia, or to Gaza, so they can be well informed as to how Islam itself deals with such collaborators.

Dear friends, Cologne is today the capital of the European resistance movement against the Islamisation of Europe.

We do not want any Koran-schools, nor Islamic centres or mosques on every street corner.

We are tired of the women in burkas and chadors, an insult to every emancipated woman.

We are tired of the Arabic and Turkish writing on the front of shops, windows, and products.

We are disgusted by the ritual slaughter of animals.

We do not want any Islamic symbols or food or hijabs in our schools.

We want the Islamisation of our towns and districts to stop

Europe, my dear friends and comrades, is indeed a continent of castles and cathedrals, and not of minarets and mosques.