Filip Dewinter: “Imam Taouil is Allah’s pimp”

By Lex Moolenaar of the Flemish newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen

Filip Dewinter wants to mobilize his “troops” for a long battle. “Vlaams Belang [VB, Flemish Interest] is more than ever a resistance movement against the threat of the coming decades: the Islamization of Europe.”

Filip Dewinter has had enough of the discussions within the VB. He returns to the theme that always has had his greatest attention: the multicultural society. “At last we are beginning to be proven right,” he says.

“More than a political party, the VB is a resistance movement,” Dewinter says. “Resistance against the Belgian state, radical Islam, crime, and politically correct thinking. And we are no longer willing to seek compromises on those issues.”

“Over and over, the circumstances prove we were right all along. The headscarf issue, the devastating wave of new legalizations, the establishment of Muslim schools, the riots in Brussels: we have always predicted this.”

— How happy are you with the ban on the headscarf in all schools?

“I think it is a good thing. The headscarf is not only a prison of cloth for those women, but also and above all a political symbol, a weapon in the conquest of Islam. Muslims express their sense of superiority this way. The headscarf ban is a feather the VB may put in its cap.”

— Imam Nordine Taouil apologizes for his appeal to Muslim women not to go to school anymore. He also denies being an extremist.

“He applies the principle of taqiyya, which allows any Muslim to lie and dissemble when it is required in the interest of Islam. Taouil is Allah’s pimp, he coerces young Muslim women — through their moral obligation to wear the headscarf — into religious prostitution. And he is indeed a radical Salafist, trained in an extremist London mosque and arranging suspicious travels to Saudi Arabia. I have understood this from renegade Muslims myself. Taouil strives for a segregated society with separate districts for Muslims where they practice their own law. I have no hard evidence, but according to my sources, some imams in Antwerp already apply Sharia in civil matters.

“This debut of Sharia, of Islamic law, is only the first phase. The second phase will be Muslims demanding that Sharia be integrated into our Civil Code. And in the end there is only the Sharia. The holy war, the jihad against the Western hereditary enemy is a duty for every Muslim.”
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— All Antwerp Muslims we know are very peaceful and moderate.

“Then I call on all those well-thinking Muslims to renounce Islam. And we must put an end to our ambiguous and hypocritical relationship with Islam. Stop the recognition of mosques and of Islam, because that is the main obstacle to the integration of immigrants. The freedom of religion is an individual right. That does not include any acknowledgments or subsidies for Muslim schools. Besides, the current outrage of CD&V [Christian Democrats], Open-VLD [Liberal Democrats] and SP.a [Socialists] about those schools is hypocritical. These parties have established the pillar of Islam themselves and have shaped it.”

— What to do then with subsidizing private education?

“You can, and may not compare Islam with Catholicism. Christianity lies at the root of our civilization and deserves a privileged position. It is something very different from Islam. May I compare Islam with a crocodile? Let me quote Churchill: “One feeds the crocodile, hoping to be eaten last.” Soon the crocodile will be ready for its main course, after having been fed all these years by such parties as the SP.a [Socialists] and Green [Environmentalists]. Those former anti-clerical parties increasingly evolve — due to their multicultural faith and ditto background of their electorate — into ever more religious parties. The alliance of progressive, anti-clerical socialists and Greens with the Muslims is unnatural, because Muslims are by nature very conservative. They do not at all appreciate gay rights, abortion and euthanasia.”

— You seem right back where the Vlaams Blok [the predecessor of Vlaams Belang] stood twenty years ago, am I right?

“Yes, we were right much too early. Only now, when I read what [Jean-Marie] Dedecker [LDD, List Dedecker], [Bart] de Wever [NV-A, New Flemish Alliance] and some CD&V’ers are saying, we have been proven right.

The riots in Brussels-Molenbeek are not just about drugs, they are the prelude to an ethno-religious guerrilla war. And after the new legalizations, the population in Antwerp will not number thirty, but forty percent foreigners. Between 2040 and 2050, the “half-plus-one” will be reached and a huge crisis of our democracy will develop. Then the power take-over will be a fact without even one shot having been fired.”

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“After all the commotion of the past weeks, I would rather not have given any feedback,” Nordine Taouil said. “I regret the statements of Mister Dewinter; he clearly tries to set communities against each other. Of everything he says, nothing is true. I am a pure person, a moderate Muslim. I was born and raised here, and I respect everyone in this city. I do not require anyone to wear a headscarf. I also do not organize suspicious trips, I just go along sometimes as guide on the pilgrimage to Mecca. As far as the Sharia is concerned: that is a method of the Shiites. I am a Sunni Muslim and am not allowed to lie. I will not attack Mister Dewinter and I respect his opinion, but I hope he has the wisdom not to repeat these unfortunate allegations.”