Dewinter received Mohammedcartoon in Denmark !

Speech Filip Dewinter, Free Press Society – Kopenhagen, 18/04/2009

Dear friends,
I wish to thank the Free Press Society for their invitation. For Frank Vanhecke and myself it’s a great honor and pleasure to speak here at this free speech meeting in Denmark. Denmark is a brave country. Denmark is a symbol and a example for all freedom loving Europeans. After the publication of the Mohammed-cartoons by the newspaper Jyllands-Posten, when Denmark was under attack, when most heads of state criticised Denmark, when Denmark faced an economic boycott and was threatened with terrorist attacks, the Danes had the guts to say: “ ‘NUTS’, we don’t capitulate. Democracy and freedom of speech are not for sale. These values are far too important to be sacrificed to please the islamic fundamentalists. From that moment, Denmark is a symbol of free speech, a symbol of resistance against an ideology with theocratic ambitions, a symbol of our fight against the islamisation of Europe.

Dear friends,
Islam does not tolerate any freedom of speech. For Islam making individual choices is absolutely forbidden. In Islamic culture there is no such thing as freedom of choice. It is regarded as anti-islamic. Islam dictates what a Muslim is allowed and not allowed to do, whom he may have contact with and whom not and even whom he may marry. Islamic jurists issue fatwa’s – legal advices – which comprise all aspects of each Muslim’s daily life. Criticism towards Islam is immediately regarded as a lack of respect for Islam. Criticism towards the Prophet Mohammed is regarded as a lack of respect for the Prophet. In the Islamic world any reformist criticism is practically impossible. The divine Islamic law is eternal and unchangeable. Renovation – “bida” in Arabic – is unthinkable.  And when a Muslim dares to turn his back on his religion, this will be regarded as the ultimate treason for which there is only one appropriate punishment: the death penalty.  As a result, Islam is a fundamental negation of humanism and Enlightment, hallmarks of our Western civilization.

Dear friends,
Nevertheless there are also the so-called “Islamic Human Rights Treaties”. The most important one is the “Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam” which dates back to August 1990. This declaration has been signed by the foreign ministers of the member states of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference. This international organization grouping all Islamic countries has been founded in 1973.

Don’t buy that nonsense ! When you have a closer look at the content of these Cairo human rights declaration, you will notice that it has nothing to do with human rights as we see them. 

Article 1 of the Cairo declaration poses: “All human beings form one family whose members are united by submission to God and descent from Adam.” The declaration   provides freedom of religion, but this freedom is nothing more than one-way traffic. Only Muslims will be entitled this freedom. Article 10 poses: “Islam is the religion of unspoiled nature. It is prohibited to exercise any form of compulsion on man or to exploit his poverty or ignorance in order to convert him to another religion or to atheism.”

Article 22 of the treaty deals with freedom of speech. The article poses: “(a) Everyone shall have the right to express his opinion freely in such manner as would not be contrary to the principles of the Shari’ah. (b) Everyone shall have the right to advocate what is right, and propagate what is good, and warn against what is wrong and evil according to the norms of Islamic Shari’ah. (c) Information is a vital necessity to society. It may not be exploited or misused in such a way as may violate sanctities and the dignity of Prophets, undermine moral and ethical values or disintegrate, corrupt or harm society or weaken its faith.” For the sake of completeness article 24 stipulates: “All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Shari’ah.”

The tenor of the Islamic Cairo human rights declaration is crystal clear: the Sharia prevails and all human rights are subordinate to it.

In August 2007 on a congress the well-known German islamologist Christine Schirrmacher advanced: “Since the origin of Islam in the seventh century, not even one Islamic state has granted its inhabitants freedom, equal rights, nor freedom of religion.” Even Turkey, which however is presented as a secular state, follows this Islamic interpretation of Western freedoms. Also in Turkey, which is depicted as the bridge between East and West, freedom of speech is subordinate to Islam. As Danes you know better than I how Turkey has crossed the appointment of your prime minister Rasmussen as Secretary General of the NATO recently, because he has only defended the 2005 Mohammed Cartoons of Kurt Westergaard in the name of freedom of speech.         

Dear friends,
Enough now about Islam. Let’s get back to the so-called “free West”. In Brussels, the European capital, anyone can and may demonstrate. Every year no less than 600 demonstrations take place in Brussels, applied for or not. The right to demonstrate in the streets of Brussels also holds for extremist Muslims, illegal aliens and even for followers of terrorist organizations like the PKK. From demonstrations of this kind the police mostly keep distant, because they “do not intend to provoke”, even when the demonstrators call for hatred, violence or cause devastation along the track.

On 11 September 2007 the organization “Stop Islamization of Europe” (SIOE) and the Vlaams Belang intended to hold a solemn commemoration of the victims of the attacks on 11 September 2001. Although the applications for such manifestations are never rejected in Brussels, mayor Freddy Thielemans – member of the Socialist Party in Frenchspeaking Belgium, refused to give us permission for a commemoration. He substantiated the refusal by referring to “the Ramadan, the hateful and provocative character of the manifestation and the nearness of “sensitive neighborhoods” which would increase the chances for riots.” What is possible for illegal aliens – foreigners breaking the Belgian Residence Law –, Islamic fundamentalists and supporters of terrorist organizations, turned out to be impossible for people that have questions about Islam. SIOE and Vlaams Belang were not allowed to hold a commemoration for the victims of 9/11 in Brussels.  

A few hundred demonstrators negated the ban of the mayor of Brussels and held a peaceful and serene vigil. But there was one thing they had not reckoned with. Brussels’ socialist mayor ordered the apprehension of all persons present, by which the police moreover proceeded in an unnecessarily violent way. Although the demonstrators were protesting peacefully without any opponents around, so that there wasn’t the slightest security problem, 154 respectable demonstrators were arrested like vulgar criminals.     

Plain-clothes policemen tried to prevent journalists from filming or photographing this event. Our Member of European Parliament Frank Vanhecke was kicked and battered to the ground by police officers, violently pushed into a police car and pulled from it again to be harshly flung to the ground anew. Eventually Frank was thrown into a car handcuffed like a  nasty scoundrel. I was dragged from the television camera’s while giving an interview, jumped by several police officers, kicked in the back and eventually beaten into the assault car with truncheons.

Freedom of speech in Belgium is a fundamental right. But clearly not for people that are critical towards Islam in Brussels. Not for people that want to commemorate the many thousand victims of the bloodiest attack in history. Not for people that want to vent their fear for the advance of political Islam in Europe. The mayor of Brussels called upon the alibi, he needed to uphold public order and security and feared for riots and violence. But the only violence on that 11 September, was displayed by the police. On his order ! There wasn’t even a demonstration, nor a march. The only crime committed by the demonstrators was their presence on the Brussels Schuman Square, in the shade of the European Parliament. What happened that day was seldom seen. Democratically elected politicians, among whom even a few European members of parliament from France (Carl Lang) and Italy (Mario Borghezio) were cuffed. Arrested and thrown behind bars as if they were football hooligans or dangerous criminals.                 

Dear friends,
If Islam-critical protesters are treated that way in an Islamic country, no-one will be amazed. But this commemoration did not take place in Tehran, Cairo of Islamabad, but in Brussels. Nowadays Brussels apparently is regarded as a territory occupied by Muslims, on which Islam and its Koran are beyond all criticism, where extremist Muslims can do whatever they want and people questioning this religion are silenced. 

This can be explained by the demographic evolution of my country and its capital Brussels. At this very moment 628,751 Muslims reside in Belgium. 256,220 of them live in Brussels. In 1960 the number of foreigners in Brussels still amounted to less than 10%. In the meantime this number already amounts to 60%. According to sociological surveys already 25,5% of Brussels’ inhabitants – that’s more than one out of four inhabitants of the Belgian and European capital – is Muslim ! In the year 2020 the foreign majority in Brussels will have increased to no less than 75%.  In three communities near Brussels Muslims already account for a majority of the population. In the community Sint-Joost-ten-Node for example no less than 70% of the inhabitants is Muslim.

At the end of March the American channel Fox-News broadcasted a commentary on the islamization of Brussels, in which I got a chance to reveal the situation in Brussels. As a result of this commentary the TV-squad of Fox-News visited the communities Sint-Joost-ten-Node and Molenbeek, not far from the Brussels city centre. When the team returned that afternoon, when the streets were already a little more crowded, some worried police officers adviced them to stay in their cars for reasons of safety. “It wasn’t even dark yet” one of the reporters commented. On its own website Fox-News put it like this: “Part of that fear stems from particularly nasty street crime, something that can happen in bad neighborhoods in any big European – or American – city. But part of it is due to strong anti-Western sentiment among Belgium’s Muslims, which suggests that true integration is still a long way off.” Hence the conclusion of Fox-News after this trip to Molenbeek: “Brussels looks more like North Africa than the heart of Europe.”    

Dear friends,
What’s the reason for prohibiting an Islam-critcal manifestation in Brussels? This simply happened, because of the increasing electoral momentum of Brussels’ Muslim community. No less than 11 out of 19 municipal councilors of the socialist party of Brussels, which is also the party of its mayor, are Muslim. Islam rules in Brussels so to say. The mayor of this city is electorally indebted [indettet] to the Muslim community which is increasingly making its demands.

Alsmaar minder autochtone Europeanen stemmen links. Het socialisme wil echter politiek overleven door te collaboreren met de islam. In ruil daarvoor is links bereid om alles waar Europa voor staat uit te verkopen aan de islam. En ook de vrijheid van meningsuiting wordt geofferd door de islamosocialisten.

Constantly less native Europeans are voting left. Though socialism aims to survive by collaborating with Islam. In exchange for salvation the left is willing to sell everything Europe stands for to Islam. And also our freedom of speech will be sacrificed by these islamo-socialists.   

The situation in Brussels is of course not an isolated case. In other European cities too the indigenous population is being replaced at a great pace by a new – Islamic – population. In whole Europe the Islam is moving up and Western fundamental rights and freedoms – however the most important realizations of our European civilization – are being brought down by policymakers, out of electoral profit or the worry about upholding social peace or just out of multicultural foolishness. 

Dear friends,
As a result of the gradual islamization of Europe and Flanders I have recently published an Islam-critical book, entitled “Inch Allah? – the islamization of Europe”. The Flemish and Dutch press made a big fuss about it. Despite the fact that the book is in great demand, I haven’t found any big publisher willing to distribute it. Moreover the book has been boycotted by the foremost book shops in Flanders, which simply refuse to sell it. This kind of censorship has forced me to disperse the text on the web.   

Because of my most recent release journalists and commentators have poured a stream of abuse upon me. In newspapers I have been called a “fanatic”, an “instigator”, a “sinister individual”, a “madman foaming with anger“, a “racist” and an “agitator”. Of course these critics haven’t read the book. Defaming the authors warning for the dangers of islamization clearly fits into their strategy. Accuse a politician or an author of racism and xenophobia [zénnefoowbia] and the whole debate is closed.

But you ain’t seen nothing yet ! One Mr. Vincent Gounod wrote a biography of the deceased [diziest] socialist former French president Francois Mitterand. In both the Belgian and the Dutch press nothing than very favorable reviews could be read. But what happened next ? Vincent Gounod turned out to be a pseudonym for the Vlaams Belang member of European Parliament Koen Dillen. Astonishment on all sides ! Dillen explained he used a bogus name, to avoid the book not being published or reviewed. In the meantime some book shops have already banned the book from their shelves.   

This shouldn’t be that surprising. Neither did Jozef Goebels read the work of Heinrich Heine. Heine was Jewish, reason enough to automatically blacklist all his books. Nowadays the same happens with politically incorrect and Islam-critical books.  

The idyllic multicultural picture of reality is correct, insofar Islam is depicted as a tolerant and peaceful religion which perfectly meets the European freedoms and human rights. The fact Islam really is a fossilized and totalitarian religion, being at odds with our freedom of speech, our democracy, the equality of woman and man and the separation of church and state, can only undermine this picture of a “harmonious” multicultural society.    

Dear friends,
Once there was a time progressive intellectuals turned round on rooted dogmas, clericalism, religious fanaticism and rigidity. For political correctness’ sake and out of fear for being obliged to admit the collapse of the multicultural model, they’d rather defend the Islamic theocracy. Just like the myriads that believed in “European communism with a human face”, they now create the illusion of a European enlightened Islam corresponding to our European values.   

The people that still dare to criticize Islam are labeled “islamophobic”, by which islamophobia automatically is compared with racism. In an interview for the magazine “The Jewish Weekly” at the end of 2005, I answered the question whether Jews residing in Flanders should vote for a so-called “xenophobic” [zénnefobik] party. I told them “xenophobia is not the right word. If you want to by any means attribute a certain phobia to us, let it be “islamophobia”. Yes, we are afraid of Islam.” This quote gained the Vlaams Belang only criminal prosecution. My islamophobia-statement would be racist. Some political parties abused the quote and took to a procedure at the Council of State for depriving our party of its state funds. Though I do not feel intimidated. In my book I clearly state: “If a critical attitude towards Islam is regarded as islamophobia, then islamophobia is a duty.

Dear friends,
Our freedom of speech is not only threatened by the authorities. Our freedom of speech is also threatened by the intimidation and the outrage of adversaries that get an open field from the authorities. The struggle against the Vlaams Belang and its alleged “racism” includes all means, even intimidation and violence.

At the end of last year a video clip of “The Cicatris”, a Flemish rap group of which all members are of foreign descend, appeared on You Tube. The lyrics clearly call for my assassination. 

I quote from the text:

 “Bloody racist with your big mouth, you will die after a deadly shot.”

“You will pay with your life for your statements.”

“Well-known you will certainly become, with a bullet in your head and you won’t be able to do anything about it.”

“It’s time for riots, time for revolution, death to Filip Dewinter are the words of Cicatris.”

“I have prepared myself and I will not wait. It won’t take long till we get you.”

“Shots in the dark, a knife in your back […]. Haven’t you learned anything from Theo Van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn?”

After the song appeared on the internet, I filed a complaint against these rappers because of death threats and the incitement of violence. The complaint was classified. The news papers even wrote: “Filip Dewinter magnifies the whole situation. Hip hop is no menacing speech, but a form of expression for uttering frustrations.” To silence opponents of multicultural society and islam-critical people all means are allowed: violence and threats included.

Dear friends,
All the violence committed against the Vlaams Belang seems nothing compared to what happened in Germany last year. In September 2008 the German political party Pro Köln and the European organization “Cities against Islamisation” organized a “stop-islamization congress” in Cologne [kheloown]. The congress was prevented by the ultra-left, so-called anti-facist, demonstrators’ street violence including arson, riots, vandalism and molesting participants of the congress. These extremely violent left-wing fanatics did not know where to draw the line. The boat on which our press conference took place was attacked and severely damaged, participants of the congress were harassed which caused a lot of injured, our coaches were attacked and damaged, countless objects were destroyed or put on fire.

Four hundred participants among whom the German member of parliament Henry Nitzsche (former CDU-member), several Austrian members of parliament of the FPÖ, the members of European Parliament Philip Claeys, Andreas Mölzer, Mario Borghezio and myself were taken hostage at the airport of Cologne by the left-wing extremists. Eventually the police proclaimed a state of emergency, because of the extreme violence committed by our adversaries.  

Prior to the Pro Cologne gathering Fritz Schramma, the Christian-Democrat Lord Mayor of Cologne, had called on the people of his city to show their “intolerance” of his political adversaries in Pro Cologne, a democratically elected opposition party. After the “anti-fascist” thugs had violently prevented the meeting from taking place, the Mayor congratulated them, saying that the events had been “a victory for the democratic forces in this city.” The German and international media turned a blind eye to the violence and the Nazi methods of the so-called “anti-fascists,” implicitly approving their behavior by branding the Pro Cologne people as far-right thugs and the thugs as ordinary people resisting “Nazism.”

It’s clear: defenders of Western freedoms, including Jews, are demonized as “Nazis,” while Nazi methods are used to eliminate them. The authorities, meanwhile, do not come to the aid of the victims since the latter are “Nazis.” On the contrary, sometimes the authorities even praise the aggressors for their vigilance and their “intolerance” in the fight against “Nazism.”

Dear friends,
Islam doesn’t tolerate any freedom of opinion and, fortified by its rapid demographic increase in Europe, it will be able to have its undemocratic values and standards sunk into our society. Mass immigration has become the Trojan Horse of Islam in Europe.

The left is doing a big effort to flatter the gradually increasing Muslim electorate. It shouldn’t be surprising that the main part of the Muslim community is voting left. However the Muslim support for the left is utterly unnatural, the Muslims make the best of a bad job. It goes without saying it’s all about a strategic alliance. For radical Muslims the parties on the left are just a means by which they will reach their goal. On the other hand Muslims are the electoral hirelings whom the socialists aim to consolidate their power with. Progressives and Muslims also meet each other in their common resentment towards Israel and the United States. Hamas, Hezbollah and other extremist Islamic organizations represent a new kind of anit-imperialism with which the left also likes to identify itself. Hate against their common enemies has united them.      

The dogmas of multiculturalism are imposed by the establishment to Flemmings and Europeans. Restrictive laws are used in several countries – among which mine – to silence people that criticize Islam. Also Geert Wilders was put on trial in the Neatherlands recently because his film “Fitna” would have incited “hatred and discrimination against Muslims”. According to the Dutch judiciary the film would have affected their religious dignity, because it is offensive towards the Koran, Allah and Mohammed. Fundamental freedoms are curtailed, not to protect our countries from the threat of Muslim fundamentalism and terrorism, but to tackle so-called “racists”. Not the Muslim extremism should be dealt with, but islamophobia !   

Dear friends,
The ideology of multiculturalism has developed into a new religion with the equality and equivalence of cultures as its primary dogma. The European intellectual, political and social elite has been collectively lulled asleep by leftist multiculturalism. This multiculturalism had undermined the combativeness of our European society; it has hollowed out the fundaments and freedoms of our civilisation; and it has affected democracy and freedom of speech. The collaboration with Islam of a major part of the European intellectuals and cultural elite threatens to turn Europe into a kind of Eurabia in which Islam lays down the law to us. 

Dear friends,
Freedom of speech isn’t some luxury that can be thrown aside at the first hint of offense taken by religious groups. Freedom of speech is the keystone of western civilization, of individuality, of scientific discovery, of wealth and of democracy; without it, the entire edifice would collapse. Thank you for your invitation for this congress. Long live a free and European Europe!