Conference ‘Cities against Islamization’

Yesterday during a press conference Filip Dewinter presented the initiative “European cities against Islamization” to the national and international media. The initiative involves representatives from a.o. Austria, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, The Netherlands and England, who signed a charter against the increasing Islamization of our cities. Among the participants there were a few well-known foreign politicians like Heinz-Christian Strache (president of the FPÖ), Markus Beisicht (president of Pro-Nordrhein Westfalen) and Robert Spieler (Alsace D’Abord).

After the press conference our city councillor from Antwerp Bart Debie guided the participants through the strongly Islamized boroughs of Antwerp-North and specifically one neighbourhood in which no fewer than eight mosques can be found in a range of 200 meters. At least two of these mosques are very controversial, because they figure on the list of terrorist and fundamentalist organizations of the federal police. Our foreign guests could barely believe their ears when they experienced that one of the mosques – the Pakistani Noor Ulharam Mosque – has been recognized and is being subsidized by the Flemish authorities. Or like Mr. Strache, the president of the FPÖ, put it that evening on our New Year’s reception: “Today I did not seem to be in Europe, but rather in Kabul or Antwerpistan.” The organization ‘European cities against Islamization’ has already announced a few actions. At the beginning of February a press conference and a demonstration will take place in Paris. Afterwards Madrid, London, Rotterdam and other big cities will follow. In September this year we organize a huge demonstration in Cologne.

Concerning Islamization Filip Dewinter also drew the attention of the press and our foreign guests to the fact that Fortis not only is a politically correct bank, but now also launches Islam-friendly offers. At Fortis Muslims can obtain stock portfolios containing shares of companies which allegedly aren’t hostile towards Islam and of which the business is in accordance with the Sharia. Shares of companies that have a connection with pork, tobacco, alcohol, national defence and other Islam-unfriendly products, will be excluded.

Vlaams Belang considers this decision as the umpteenth concession to Islam and also as a proof of its continuing campaign of conquest. Dewinter, a customer of Fortis himself, has announced bank card in hand to cancel his Fortis account and to move to another bank. This will be a bank which does not prostitute itself for Islam and which does not subject itself to the Sharia.