In February 2009 the “Organisation of Turkish workers of Lier and surroundings” bought a ground in Lier with the financial support of the Dyanet Association. Two years later the “Dyanet Association of Belgium” asked the mayor of Lier the permission to build a mosque with a minaret of 13 metres on that ground.

The neighbourhood chosen by the Turkish community to build a giant mosque is a quiet Flemish district. With the coming of the mosque that district and the whole of Lier are going to Islamise in a fast way. Big mosques attracts new Muslims. As you well know a mosque is not only a house of prayer but also a cultural centre, a school for teaching the Koran and the Turkish language, a meeting place for the whole Islamic community from Lier and the wide surroundings. If the mosque will be build, that neighbourhood will never be the same again.

Lier is only one of the many mosques who are built, in Belgium and in other European countries, with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs. The Prime Minister of Turkye, Mr. Erdogan, is very clear about what Turkish citizens in European countries have to do: “Don’t integrate, but keep your identity and religion. Dominate Europe”.

Filip Dewinter: “This is intolerable. The Vlaams Belang protest is not only against the mosque in Lier but against the islamisation of our cities. Mosques are symbols of the conquest of Europe by the radical Islam. Their weapons are not tanks and guns, but mosques and minarets. This aggressive attitude of conquest slow down the integration of the Muslim population in the West-European countries. That’s why Vlaams Belang clearly says, with the support of a majority of the population: Stop the islamisation of Europe! The European civilisation is build on Christian values. Islam doesn’t belong, and will never belong, to the Europe culture and civilisation. Muslims have to adapt or return to their Muslim homelands”.

On Sunday the 5th of June more than 1000 people came to Lier to protest against