Burqa Ban Adopted

In the Belgian Chamber Committee on the Interior, a ban on the burqa and the niqab has been adopted unanimously. Women that wear a burqa can now receive a fine between € 600 and € 1.000 and a one week prison sentence. Vlaams Belang was the first party that introduced such a law proposition in the Belgian Chamber of Representatives and the Senate, because the burqa and the niqab (a veil which covers the face) symbolize women’s oppression and have no place at all in Flanders and Europe.

The ban has not only been voted for security reasons (identification) but it is also a clear signal towards intolerant and totalitarian Islam. We consider the burqa ban also as a first step in the right direction. Islam has no place in Western Europe. Cities Against Islamization demands not only a burqa ban, but is also opposed to the construction of minarets, ritual slaughtering, the wearing of headscarves in the civil service and schools, the construction of oriental mosques with domes and Arabic inscriptions,…

This ban is just a first, modest step towards the expulsion of Islam out of our towns and cities back to the place where it belongs: the other side of the Mediterranean Sea.