250 euros for spotted, reported and arrested burqa

Filip Dewinter gives 250 euros for each spotted Burqa (video)

People who want to make money can now go to Filip Dewinter. He will give 250 euros away when you can spot a burqa and you call the police. It is an unprecedented action after the bikini-burqa photos and the covers of Libelle and Flair.

After a niqab-wearing muslim in Brussels gave a head-butt to an officer, Brussels still hasn’t calm down. Yesterday, 15 members of Shariah4Belgium were arrested and every evening there is a tense atmosphere in the capital. But Filip Dewinter now comes with a remarkable action: he is offering a reward of 250 euros for each spotted burqa.

Can you explain this action?
Filip Dewinter: “Today we give a sum of 250 euros for each burqa that is spotted, reported to the police and then arrested. Why, because we noticed that the police is not too eager to intervene when a burqa pops up in the street. They are affraid there will be riots. However wearing a burqa is a crime that was approved by almost whole the parliament. If the police doesn’t react, the intimidation by radical Muslims succeeded and they wim. We want to stop that evolution. We want to stop islamisation.”

The burqa is just like the headscarf very important for a number of Muslims. For you too. Why?
Filip Dewinter: “The burqa is, just like the headscarf, a walking prison. It is the weapon of the orthodox and violent Islam, but also the ultimate symbol of the inferiority of women in Islam. The burqa brings back the Middle Ages and worse. It will never be enough for Islam. They want a finger, a hand, a whole arm. We say no to the burqa, no to the headscarf and no to Islam.”

This is not Vlaams Belang action?
Filip Dewinter: “Indeed. This action comes from “Cities against Islamisation”, an organization for which I am the president and that wants to stop Islamization.”

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDtLQD7m7RQ

Source: Clint.be (http://www.clint.be/actua/binnenland/filip-dewinter-looft-premie-uit-gespotte-boerka-video)